WordPress web design is the driving force behind user friendly websites


In the field of web development, CMS (Content Management System) plays a major role in making the task easier for developers. While website customization is by no means a smooth walk, several open source tools have made the task quite convenient for software and web professionals. WordPress web design service has been a driving force behind successful professional websites. This leading open source publishing platform has recorded exponential growth since its release in 2003.

Internet usage has skyrocketed. Ordinary people are becoming familiar with the Internet. In recent years, the popularity of blogging has affected even non-technical people. Professional blogs are widely used for business promotion. Herein lies the importance of a dedicated blogging site with easy-to-use features. Moreover, people want innovative technologies so that even ordinary people can reap the benefits of the latest inventions. In this regard, WordPress plays its main role. Thousands of custom WordPress themes and templates are available on the web to customize a site with a personal touch, making it one of the widely used content management systems for integration on websites. Moreover, the WordPress website offers online instructions for working on this blogging tool. It greatly helps new entrants in the field of information technology.

WordPress comes with a web template wizard. The easy-to-use features and custom themes of WordPress enable even lay people to rearrange widgets without any knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS code. However, in the age of e-learning, basic tricks of web publishing tools can easily be learned through various websites for free. Without a doubt, editing PHP and HTML codes ensures an unforgettable experience for users. The comprehensive list of WordPress features includes integrated link management with a focus on search engine optimization for websites and a permalink structure to enable multiple, nested categories to be assigned to articles.

This open source blogging tool also includes automatic filters and rich text formatting options for editing articles with a professional touch. Text formatting features provide many advantages and help convert regular quotes into smart quotes. Among the other advantages of WordPress, one can easily mention its support for Trackback and Pingback standards which enables to show links to other websites, which have been linked to an article or post. However, one of the main features that separates it from other customizable CMSs is the rich plugin architecture that allows millions of tech contributors to enhance its functionality beyond its basic and native offerings.

Websites dedicated to WordPress are compatible with all modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE 7, IE 8, Opera and Safari. Advances in mobile applications have given users of BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad, Android and Window Phones access to key offerings of this blogging script and open source project. Whether it’s to develop personal blogs or customize websites for Fortune 500 companies at a global level, WordPress website design Service occupies a major position in the field of information technology.


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