Why you should not develop or design websites independently – suggestions from a web development company


This is a letter of proposal for all freelance web developers on behalf of web development companies in India. Freelance web design or web application development is a good thing to earn extra income for you but it has various negative effects on the economy in India. The following effects can destroy India from various aspects.

1. Freelance web designers are freelancers so they charge very cheap prices for web design; This lowers market prices for the same work. Web application development companies can’t beat the prices that freelancers offer. Ultimately, a new company could die prematurely or not be able to survive for much longer. County loses business unit and stops business development.

2. Freelancers work on projects to earn extra income, but they are not interested in paying taxes on them, so they ask for payment through various alternative methods, such methods are cash payments. Freelancers do not pay taxes on cash income. A country like India loses tax income, if it was a web development company, they would have paid taxes on the income.

3. The individual web developer works for money and not for reputation, so if a customer’s web application project fails, he will not be responsible but the receiving customer gets a bad impression of the Indian web development industry. Sometimes overseas clients never return due to bad experience with independent web developers.

4. A lot of freelance web developers are not even experienced when they start offering their services to overseas clients. The client thinks that India is too cheap, so the project is allotted to inexperienced freelancers. Finally, the web application developed by Freelance Web Developer is either crap or unstable, otherwise the web development company could have provided a good customer experience.

5. The web development company creates a business unit and they expect honest developers in the company. If you are a freelance web developer and you are still working with a company, you are trying to scam your current company into paying for your living.

So, if you want to help India, your country, quit freelancing and work for a good web company or if you are an entrepreneur, start a new web application development company.


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