Why CodeIgniter? Its unparalleled benefits in web development


With countless open source frameworks for PHP web development, if there is one platform that helps web owners and developers together is CodeIgniter. Now, what makes it so is here to reveal through this post. However, the basic aspects about CodeIgniter that most people are familiar with are the hassle-free development and smooth user experience. This is the thing that most website owners fall into because they know that their long awaited web solution will be developed in no time and also at lower costs. Besides, there are a lot of amazing functions that you can run a CodeIgniter based web solution.

#1 Agile Approach

The most noteworthy benefit of the framework is that it deploys a simpler and agile approach. While one can use PHP to craft a solution with it, the other components of the framework are very easy to use. The interface is very easy to understand, for which you develop the site smoothly and quickly.

#2 Great Programming Support

Being a custom framework, CodeIgniter provides first-class functionality for programming and developers are comfortable with programming in a prominent way. While they can build everything right from scratch, no configurations are used. This means that you can use the code once you generate it later for other aspects of the site.

#3 Minimum configuration needs

Perhaps one of the rarest frameworks with fewer configuration needs. It runs with the rule, ‘Write once, use everywhere. While programming one just needs to start with ‘config.php’ thus loading database, libraries and all arrays. There is no need to type database name every time for different programming.

#4 Easy and Expandable

It makes the PHP framework a perfect fit for many users who don’t have a lot of technical skills. It is correct and easily able to deploy and run a solution using CodeIgniter due to its low code requirements, easy error handling, fast response time, and no mandatory “install”. Moreover, it is extendable. It means, by it, one can write additional libraries, change the style of pre-existing libraries and modify other elements to suit the requirements of the web application.

#5 Built-in Security Tools

The framework allows the owner of the website or applications to define and implement the level of security they want. While it has some inbuilt default security tools for filtered inputs and outputs. Second, there are other functions that enhance the top-level security of web solutions such as encryption and decryption. Under these, all data is sent and received through a secret installation, which means that it cannot be hacked by intruders.

Apart from these impeccable advantages, other perks of using CodeIgniter for web development include fast execution and installation, convenient file organization, step-by-step development testing to support huge community, easy customization templates, and class cache.


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