User Interface Design: Key to Better Web Development


Since the early days of the World Wide Web, the internet sites that are being added are increasing day by day tremendously. When you think about this collection of the web, whether it is related to computers, industry, entertainment, search engines, fashion, organizations or even individuality, all of these sites are concerned with one major part of web development apart from the logic or programming efforts behind it is “design user interface”.

Any website will be of interest to you by its visibility and ease of use and understanding of the contents of that particular page. Therefore, many web developers are always trying to look for the best UI design which should also be within everyone’s reach, and it can either be done by the developer company or by the web developer himself or they have to outsource the site to create the UI.

The main stages in creating a user interface can be listed roughly as follows:

1. Write down all aspects of your website,

2. Try to list the items in order of priority on the web page and also consider their rating.

3. From this list, highlight the points that should be attractive (for example, in most public websites chat/mail/news are the most attractive points while special offers and best selling items may be on the online shopping site Be the most attractive point).

4. Then select the color combination for your interface (According to my point of view, this is the most important part that many of them do not take into account the results that lead to a website that is nothing but a site full of colors in fact the site looks like a circus! (You can understand what I want to say So if you’ve been very cautious about the richness of the user interface, you should not fail to consider this point.

5. Once you have decided on the color combination, you have already won half the battle. Now you have to draw a picture of how your web page will look at last, where I will put on the web page the attractive points I listed earlier, what will be in common between the web pages (there may be a date and time from the home page to the last page of your website).

6. Finish putting all the remaining points in the list you have prepared.

7. If necessary, repeat the steps for all the following pages in your website.

8. Then just then move on to designing web pages using different tools.

You can take the help of different image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro and even a regular paintbrush to give an effect to the different images and backgrounds used in the page design. You can also embed various animations in your web page to give it a nice touch. You can try Macromedia Flash, GIF Animator, or Animationshop for the same.

Some important tips to make your web page look more attractive than ever will be discussed in my next articles.

Remember a more efficient and easier user interface – more visitors (or even customers) who will be stopping privately at your site to check it out.


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