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Internet technologies, as well as website development, are becoming more sophisticated and complex and have reached the point where it is no longer possible for a single person to effectively handle a relatively large project. So let’s take a look at what people should have now for every professional web development company.

web designer

A web designer is basically an artist and usability expert who generally decides what a website will look like. He is responsible for the website design, fonts, background, etc. Some companies often have a comprehensive specialist who is both a designer and a developer, but the truth is that professional web page design requires a lot of creativity while web development is considered a technical skill, so it is best to have two separate specialists, one for design and one for coding.

Web developer

Web developers are the people who handle all the coding your web page needs to become a real thing. For more complex websites, there should be at least two different specialists from front-end and back-end developers. Back-end developers mainly deal with databases and algorithms, which are the part of the website that the user does not see, and the front-end developers deal with the part of the website that the users see. This includes animation, coding everything web designers have drawn, and displaying backend data to the user.

Search engine optimization specialist

A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist deals with improving website visibility by search engines. Not all web development companies offer search engine optimization (SEO) services to their clients, but companies that take your project from a generic idea into a successful business tend to have at least one specialist.

Content Manager

Some web development companies that specialize primarily in the technical issues of creating websites may not have such a specialist, but companies that offer a wider range of services often have a content manager or writer. A content manager controls the quality of the content provided by content writers and distributes articles or other content that needs to be written among a team of writers. Both the content manager and writers should be well versed in SEO, especially keyword optimization principles.

Project manager

His primary role is to manage all organizational issues such as deadlines etc., but he can also act as a liaison between the client and the web company staff working on the project. The only case to avoid this association is when you are dealing with a web designer. When dealing with design issues, it is better to work directly with the designer than to include an extra and unnecessary link in your conversation.

As I mentioned earlier, some companies may combine several functions into one person, for example, a content manager could be an SEO specialist, or a web designer could be a front-end developer, and some companies may not have some of these specialists at all Because they may specialize only in design, or only in design and development without SEO, and some of them, usually big companies, have more specialists, for example those dealing with mobile application development, so that people can use your website As a mobile app, etc. In general, the number and type of specialists for each company depends on the size and specialization of a particular company.


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