Software development lifecycle process for the complete web development process


The software development life cycle, known as SDLC, is a pre-defined set of rules and methodologies chosen by a web development services company, used to develop, manage, and maintain the information architecture required to improve the quality of software design and the development process. A number of steps are followed to visualize the best running SDLC process available. All stages of web development are equally important to the process and play a vital role while creating a profitable development system. The steps that are measured during program design and development are called as follows:

Requirements specifications and analysis:
The initial stage during the implementation of web development services called Software Requirements Specification or SRS provides a comprehensive explanation of the functions and specifications that must be recognized during the software design and development process. This first and first step allows for the collection of information about the general requirements of the proposed program to be developed. Program requirements analysis is further categorized into several objectives to gather information about:

  • Resources required for web development
  • System Scope
  • The purpose of the system
  • The limits of the proposed system

A very mature and self-explanatory software requirements specification document is prepared at this stage to cover and include all the necessary instructions for implementing the web development services process.

System design:
Once the requirements analysis phase is completed, the results of the analysis are evaluated and audited to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the measurement of the proposed web development system. The stage defines the competency objectives taken during the requirements analysis process. The system design process describes features and specifications in detail. A comprehensive breakdown of many software design issues includes:

  • Built-in screen layouts
  • Specific business rules
  • Complete process diagrams of the web development services process
  • Possible pseudocodes and other required documents

Coding and system testing phase:
Next, stage cones are developed for software coding as application logic is developed for program functions and user interface. All codecs are written according to the industry’s very precise coding standards. The codes are developed in a way that saves system resources and improves system efficiency.

Publish order:
In the next stage of deployment in the web development company, the final system is set directly in the sites, and it is assumed that it will be implemented in the. The stage identifies deficiencies in the entire installed program and proposes recommendations to accommodate changes that occur during the post-implementation period.

System maintenance:
During the system maintenance phase, a number of things related to web application development are taken into consideration including:

  • Required changes to the system
  • Correction of any kind
  • Some required additions
  • PC platform modifications


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