Reasons to use PHP in web development


The Internet is the largest communication network through which the entire world communicates. It is used for every target nowadays. From sports to business to entertainment however a large number of websites are being developed day by day. PHP supports website development all over the world because it has transformed the look of websites from static to dynamic. For creating world class websites, PHP (Iterative Short for Preliminary Hypertext Processor) comes with a large number of benefits and functions.

But the main question that arises is why is it so widely used in web development all over the world? If you think that the main reason is the lack of cost, you are wrong! It’s one reason but there is a bigger picture. So, let’s talk about various reasons behind the widespread use of PHP:

  • Simple and easy to learn

Sure, PHP gives commendable results, but it’s very easy to learn and use. Unlike other programming languages, writing PHP does not allow you to compile difficult scripts and code. It allows you to write long programs with a few codes that give you control over an entire website. You will be able to learn it faster and with full efficiency, all thanks to its ease of understanding. In addition, whenever you want to modify, you can do it without any difficulty.

  • at no cost

As the title describes, PHP is an open source framework which means that it is completely free! It is supported by a lot of documentation. All this makes it one of the most slick platforms that have found its way to developing popular websites like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc. Due to it being free, PHP is widely available for newcomers who want to test their coding skills.

  • High-end CMS

Being modifiable and flexible are two great features of PHP. Upgrades and changes are an integral part of the modern world, so PHP opens up the foundations for modifications because it uses code that can be changed whenever the developer feels it. Drupal and WordPress are websites built with PHP.

  • No platform or server restrictions

PHP is very useful for business owners as it helps in cost-effective use. This is because you can use PHP on any platform like Windows, UNIX, and Linux and it also supports Apace and MySQL. Moreover, PHP supports all major servers like Microsoft IIS, Apache, Netscape and personal web servers as well.

  • fast and efficient

Without a doubt, PHP is very fast which makes it useful for developing websites at a faster rate. Basically, PHP uses its own memory due to reduced loading and rendering time, which results in faster processing speed. Now, you can see why Facebook, Twitter, and other popular websites are developed with PHP.

  • Customization with plugins and add-ons

If you are one of those developers who like to add their own extensions to improve their skills, then PHP is the platform for you. It is an adaptable language that allows you to use different plugins and extensions to meet your programming challenges.

So, here are the reasons why PHP is the most used programming language worldwide.


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