React JS: a new trend in web development


The front-end ecosystem is constantly emerging and evolving, and some tools are becoming very popular in the market to revolutionize the web development workflow. Undoubtedly, the ReactJS JavaScript library is one of them.

A big name like Facebook runs this library along with a super efficient developer community. Moreover, other famous and leading companies like PayPal, Apple and Netflix (the latest buzz) are using this framework. Let’s delve into our list of compelling reasons and discover how this framework is changing the face of web development.

Facilitates maintenance and enhances productivity

Sometimes, any system update can become a big problem because any sudden change can affect the complex logic of the system and its working activities. To get rid of this problem, Facebook has supplemented this JavaScript library with such an ability that it can reuse system components! The developers find it a great feature.

All components have a special logical set that makes it easy to define, manipulate and manipulate them. This approach makes sure that the application has a consistent appearance while facilitating database maintenance.

Easy operation to write components

JavaScript has an optional JSX syntax extension. With this extension, developers can easily write their own components. Thus, creating custom components and high-volume applications with JSX becomes much smoother. Displaying the child component becomes easier as well. Moreover, it accepts HTML quote. You can make the source simpler and cleaner with React.createElement. Converting HTML mockups to ReactElement trees becomes remarkably efficient with ReactJS.

stable code

Sometimes, any change in a child’s structure can affect their parents. To avoid this problem, ReactJS only follows the data flow down. While changing any particular object, developers can simply change the state and can make the necessary changes. In this way, only these particular components will be updated and the data link architecture will ensure consistent application performance and code stability.

Virtual DOM

Most modern engines and platforms suffer from an annoying throttling problem. To deal with it, Facebook introduced the concept of Virtual DOM. This virtualization of the DOM (Document Object Model) makes sure that any change first has an effect on it and then is reflected in the real DOM tree. It makes sure that the whole process takes the least amount of time. Moreover, this process ensures better application performance and an enhanced user experience.

Strong community support

Engineering team for big fortune names like Facebook. Instagram works behind ReactJS. Moreover, this JavaScript library has external support. For example, the React repository on GitHub has approximately 1,100+ contributors. Users can put up their queries on Reactiflux Chart, Stack Overflow, Freenode IRC, etc. and with the help of such great community support, they can easily get solutions.

Other than all the points mentioned above, ReactJS offers some excellent design and debugging tools which are very useful for developers. Moreover, it comes with a set of built-in SEO facilities. This framework is not only easy to operate, but also easy to learn.

So, when you are working on a single page application and looking for a quick development, ReactJS is definitely worth your time and attention.


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