PHP Web Development Tips Every Web Developer Should Know


If it is not available, you are passionate about web development and would like to learn how to create and use websites. First of all, stop stressing your mind and start thinking outside the box. Often creeping inside your mind, it is good to learn about the language that helps in developing a website. Nowadays, the first choice for every developer is PHP.

You will be surprised to know that more than 20 million sites are based on PHP and some of the largest sites in the world, such as Wikipedia and Facebook as well as the largest open source in the world including Drupal or WordPress are also based on this scripting language. PHP is actually called a hypertext preprocessor which is one of the most used open source general purpose scripting languages ​​specially designed for website development. As a developer or a new learner of this language, you must know some useful tips that help to learn or use it easily which are as follows.

Comments are your friends: Commenting on your code makes updating your language, debugging, and making other programming activities really fast and efficient. So the next time you use PHP for your web development, don’t forget to post comments, they are not only useful for your site but make your other team member’s work easier if you’re working on a team. With the help of that, they can easily understand your idea of ​​the code, so give comments to your close friends and never forget them.

The smaller, the better: If you think that writing a lot of font code makes you a great developer, you are totally wrong. A great developer is someone who has the ability to reduce lines of code without changing the output. So always remember and don’t repeat the code and user programming tools.

Use the inbuilt PHP function: Have you ever tried to find out why developers like the general purpose scripting language? What makes it so great? If the answer is no, then the answer here is the world famous web development language PHP which has its built in function for developers which saves both their time and money.

Satisfaction hurts, practice your art: If you want to become a professional in this field, the first thing you need to do is to stop being complacent. Your development skills are affected if you stop practicing and start satisfying your work. Don’t forget that being a good PHP developer is a skill and for that, you should practice coding in your PHP scripts. Another major reason to keep practicing is that PHP updates itself on a regular basis, so if you practice it on a regular basis, you have a lot to learn improving your development skills.


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