E-commerce website development: Mistakes that greatly affect your entrepreneurial endeavours


The prospect of developing an e-commerce store is tempting, to say the least. Touted as the proverbial money transfer tool, the e-commerce platform has become an important part of our shopping experience. According to reports, in 2013, about 40-41% of people shopped online. The number is well positioned to touch 46% in 2017.

A few words about e-commerce development

Developing e-commerce platforms is not easy. Mistakes along the way can dramatically affect your entrepreneurial fortunes. No amount of discount or sales can help you if you don’t have an easy-to-use website or if your contact information isn’t easily visible. Here is information on the major ecommerce development mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

There are a few ecommerce website development mistakes that ruin your ROI

effective E-commerce website development company You will not make these mistakes at any cost.

Mistake #1: You don’t care about the factors to consider while choosing an e-commerce platform

Do you realize that even the most popular ecommerce platform like Shopify can’t really be chosen arbitrarily? Choosing an e-commerce platform is the most important decision that affects the future of your e-commerce store. And what exactly are the factors to consider? Your inventory size, payment methods and expected number of customers are just a few of the attributes that should ideally govern your choice of e-commerce platform.

Mistake #2: Coming up with a design that doesn’t inspire enough confidence

It happens and it happens often. The appearance of your site is critical to business growth. You simply cannot forget that your users trust you with their personal information (such as their name, address, and credit information). Now, the digital world is no stranger to cases of data breaches and information breaches. Shoppers are more careful than ever about providing personal information. They will simply want to ignore an e-commerce site that does not inspire due trust. Companies must be wise enough to view the website just like the customer. Take a close look at your own site. Would you have disclosed your personal details to the site (which you created) if you were a customer? You are making a huge mistake if you don’t.

Mistake #3: Not enough payment options

This remains one of the main reasons why e-commerce stores end up losing customers. Why not make the user experience easier by including several payment options? With payment services like Google Wallet, PayPal, and Amazon, you can allow shoppers to pay with all the leading credit cards or electronic checks.

Mistake #4: Not coming up with an easy-to-use design

No matter how tempting it is, including so many features on your website only hinders your loading speed. Aiming for simplified navigation. Make sure that you make your site as clutter-free as possible while taking in all the necessary information at the same time.


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