Crystal Reports in Visual Web Developer Express Enabled


Like many Crystal developers, I was asked if I could put a specific crystal report on a web server so that users could update it “live”. I’ve been using crystal for a while now, and with all the developments in Visual Studio, I’ve finally been able to do it. Soon, I moved to another group that had crystal licenses but no web development tools. I downloaded Web Developer Express and tried to get them to work together. I wasn’t able to do it directly, so here is the solution I found.

On the Business Objects website there is a server installation file for the version of Crystal Reports you are using. Choose the latest version and install it on your web server. Then create a new website on the server using Visual Web Developer Express.

Import/create two files from an existing crystal website (web.config and your .aspx page) and then customize them to your liking using visual web developer express.

Some fun facts to know

This only works on the primary web server. So let the administrator know that this is what you need.

Always have the latest version of Crystal to develop with. So if you have XI, get version 2 of XI with the latest patches before development. If you have Crystal 2008, just get the latest patches.

Sense will not work with any crystal items. You will have an underscore all over your code where you refer to the crystal.

Microsoft usually has a version of the full visual studio that you can rate… Does your boss invest some money in this great tool after you show him what he can do? Try telling him you need him now to maintain the site.


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