Are you competing to develop open source websites?


Web development includes many activities related to website development. The importance of building a web presence nowadays is enormous, which leads to people and organizations rushing to own websites to make them visible on the internet. This, in turn, has increased the need for web development software and tools that give a competitive advantage to its users. Now questions are everywhere

Q What is the cost of web development?

o How much should I pay to build my web page or website?

There are a variety of web development products sold by different vendors to meet all of your web development needs. But it comes at a price, and we are often either at a disadvantage or simply not willing to pay the price. We are always looking for a cheaper alternative. Even better – can we get it for free?

Yes, we can – the same features and facilities as commercial web development software are available for free as feature-rich open source web development tools. Open source software offers us several advantages, the most important of which are –

o The software comes for free.

o You can redistribute and share for free.

o You can modify the source code to suit or improve your own requirements.

Are you someone who competes in open source web development?

Since web development is such an important and strategic field, the need for open source software is even more important. This gives you the freedom to get creative and experiment while not flooding your pocket with huge expenses. There are plenty of free open source web development tools and software available that can fulfill the need for a great looking website by providing you with the right tools to create it for free.

Here are some open source web development products that one can try:

o Aptana 0.2.7 – html / JavaScript editor intended for developing dynamic web applications. It provides integrated Java script debugging and is an excellent tool for AJAX development.

o Bluefish 1.0.5 – It’s a good tool for experienced developers and it has Unicode support.

o Drupal- It is a very good open source content management system.

o IceBB 1.0-rc6 – It’s a feature-rich bulletin board/forum program. It has a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) and provides Unicode support

o Joomla 1.0.13 – One of the best content management systems out there. It allows you to create professional websites with lots of detailed customization options.

o Liferay Portal 4.4.0 – It is a high-quality portal software that allows you to get started quickly without much effort with manuals.

o Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.1 – SeaMonkey has all the needs of regular internet applications in its package. It has a web browser, email, newsgroup client, HTML authoring software, and IRC chat client all in one package.

o Nucleus CMS 3.24 – This complete blogging tool allows publishing and maintaining your blog.

o Nvu 1.0 – It is a web development system initially intended for Linux, but now available for windows as well. Contains a WYSIWYG editor.

o OpenLaszlo 4.0 – is an open source web development platform whose main function is to create Flash and AJAX/DHTML files for use on websites.

o OpenSTA 1.4.3 – It is a distributed software testing architecture whose main advantage is web performance (HTTP and HTTPS) and load/stress testing.

o SilverStripe 2.1.1 – It is a content management system based on PHP.

o Umbraco 3.0.1 – An ASP.NET-based content management system that offers full support for the AJAX framework and gives you the ability to maintain your website with the latest web technology standards.

Go ahead, try these great open source web development tools and build your dream website now.


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