Advantages and disadvantages of choosing AngularJS web development


Angular JS is an open source framework for building web applications. Tech giant Google maintains it. Programmers face many problems while developing and testing any code. It addresses many of the challenges programmers may face.

AngularJS combines HTML code and application modules to form a framework. Its previous base was Model View Architecture (MVC). It was mainly used for planning rich web applications. But the situation has changed since the introduction of Angular JS 2.

The new and superior features of this technology are a boon for Angular JS developers. Advanced technology can now be naturally synchronized with forms and rendering. This makes AngularJS web development a very simple process.

In short, some of the notable features of AngularJS are:

Bi-directional data link

– MVC Structure

– directions

– Templates

Dependency injection

– Tests

Apart from these basic advantages, these are the few reasons why Angular JS is the number one choice for web development.

Let’s look at these advantages in detail:

Most used frame
AngularJS is one of the most widely used frameworks for creating websites. Also, for mainstream development, Angular JS is used. Moreover, it is well supported by a global community of talented and enthusiastic developers.

Pin style
The most frantic job in coding is writing codes for every little job. You need to write multiple codes to add one job. By using the declarative coding paradigm, AngularJS ensures that programmers have to write less code. Reduces coding to implement the same goals. In simpler terms, you don’t need to write down all the steps involved in any procedure. You just have to write the final steps!

wide recognition
AngularJS web development is a world-renowned framework. It is used to develop high quality applications. In addition, it is also known as hybrid application development. Many development frameworks and stacks around the world use AngularJS for this. It has wider global acceptance and is currently trending as a technology for web application development.

data link
To enhance the testing ability, Angular JS is in use. The improvement of the test is that the data separation can have a DOM or HTML element view. The developer can effortlessly define the logic that controls this data. Moreover, separating the data is also very simple. Hence, segmenting and representing the widget makes viewing a more pleasant experience than other frameworks.

We’ve seen the pros of developing Angular JS. Now, let’s see why few web development companies stay away from using AngularJS.

Disadvantages of AngularJS

performance glitches
As applications developed under AngularJS are dynamic. These dynamic applications lack performance. Sometimes complex single page applications can suffer from some lags and show some glitches during performance.

need specialists
An entrepreneur may consider Angular JS as the best suitable framework for developing web applications. But, you will know that your classic knowledge of web development will create confusion when using AngularJS. Features like dependency injection and persistence can be a challenge for you. Either you have to invest more time in learning or you may have to seek professional help.

JavaScript is mandatory
There is nothing absolute in the world. Is JavaScript support enabled on all computers and laptops? When you own a business, you want to reach as many people as possible. When JavaScript support is missing, your website or application will not be able to reach those people. Your web application will become less useful. Alternatively, if you use HTML as the basis for web development, this problem eliminates.


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