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Business Research should be a mandatory stage. It is a process of acquiring detailed information about the market, customer, competitors research and using such information in creating the growth strategy to maximizing the sale and profit

Market Research

To maintain competitiveness in the market, its very important to know your target market and customers

Growth Strategy

To overcome current and future challenges to achive the goal of expansion,  a pre-planned growth strategy is essential.

Competitors Analysis

An Offensive and defensive strategy to identify new opportunities and threats created by current and potential competitors 

Customer Journey Strategy

Understanding the current customer journey and improve it by generating new ideas in every stage


Building a Platform will help you generate business, increase brand recall value, creating an ecosystem and  promote goodwill in front of customers as well as delivering a marketing message

Web Development

Creating Custom Responsive Website is the key aspect of web development 

eCommerce Development

Along with Custom responsive Design, Upselling and Cross Selling is crucial for eCommerce


Good UI/UX design align user experience with brand identity at every customer touch points


Regularly checking for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant


Accelerate your sales with the Power ERP and CRM. Track leads and deals through sales funnel and pipelines. Separate leads through unique filters and converts them into opportunities with our accelerators.



Efficiently manage and organise your everyday operations with our ERP Solution.


Keep track of existing deals and leads in your sales funnel with our CRM Solution


An organized and strategized campaign to promote goals like lead generation, brand awareness and product sell-through PPC, SMM, Email Marketing, and Print Marketing 

PPC Campaigns

Detailed Audience targeting with optimised landing page for the success of PPC Campaign is essential
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SMM Campaign

Do what your Salesman can't do with our SMM Remarketing Campaign 

Email Marketing

Automate Email Campaigns with our mobile friendly email marketing designs.


Improving you Search Ranking in right keyword in target location with our SEO Strategies

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Video Marketing

Convey your Brand Image to your target audience with our Video Marketing  


Data analysis is the process of managing, analyzing, visualizing, and monitoring datasets from various sources and genarating actionable insights to further achievement of company goals


Identify your website visitors trends and patterns with our Analytics Report.

Data Analysis

Inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data with our Data Analysis Report. 



Know the success of your organisation with our KPI Analysis Report.


Check Out Some of Our Works


Integrated Eye-Care Solution

Erclens is an eCommerce-based website, providing Integrated Omnichannel Eye-Care Solutions in Assam. ERClens Runs multiple PPC and SMM Campaigns in targeted locations and generating thousands of leads every day.

India Web Designs

Web Development

India Web Designs is a Bot based Web Development Company providing web development services in Guwahati. IWD runs multiple PPC campaigns using well-optimized landing pages.


Tech Blog

Techbugs is a tech blog website that provides Software development services. They use to generate 10k organic traffic every week in 2020 through SEO. They also generated hug lead using PPC Campaigns

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