I’m a full-time college student majoring in business management at Coastal Carolina University. Just last year, I was working two part-time jobs as a retail sales associate and a valet attendant.

Like most people, I always wanted and looked for better ways to make more money and quickly came to the realization that I wanted to do my own thing and not work under a manager/boss at a typical 9-5 job. Knowing this, I looked for many different business opportunities but with low amounts of investment this proved to be difficult. That’s when I stumbled into reselling.


I was able to get into reselling with very little investment. I had a spare graphing calculator laying around and found out that I could profit around $45 by reselling that. After a month or so of selling random things around my apartment, I realized that I should probably expand and put more time and effort into reselling.

I started reading and watching certain people on the internet to pick up on reselling tips and tricks. At this point, I was still working my other jobs and going to school so I started using some extra cash to go out and source from several places I had picked up on while studying different online sources.

About once a week I would source anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. I was spending $1 on items and turning them into $10, spending $10 and turning it into $80, and just consistently hustling and constantly trying to grow. After doing this for a while, I made enough money to purchase two cruises within a year and visit The Bahamas, Jamaica, and Haiti.

I eventually slowed down on sourcing items and started getting sucked back into the 9-5 work flow. A couple months ago, however, an old friend and I got in touch and started discussing entrepreneurship. This encouraged me to get back into reselling on a more full-time basis.

I came to the quick realization that I could put much less time into reselling and make more money, have more free time, and not have to work as hard than I would at any part-time job. At this point, I started reselling again by selling a boat that was never really used. After this, I started sourcing much more, to the point where I was able to leave the part-time jobs and start putting all of my focus on reselling.

Reselling has allowed me the freedom to stop feeling locked in place and stop working under a boss. I’m able to do more of what I want to do and enjoy to do. I don’t have to worry about working on specific days because I’m able to work when I want to.

One thing: I’m definitely not saying that the journey is easy because it takes time and determination. You have to want to make money because it’s not just going to come to you. To do this at a successful level, you definitely have to have an entrepreneurial mindset. As ong as you have that though, anything and everything is possible with reselling. 

Austin Faulk

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